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Cobras + Retail = Headlines

September 11, 2007

Harrods, London’s hoytie toytie fashion department store, hired a live Egyptian cobra to guard a pair of $120,000 diamond and ruby-studded shoes in a display window.

Was the snake necessary? 
Ya right. 
Did hundreds show up to take pics and report/blog about it?  
Heck yes.  Stories at this link will increase all week. 



Red Bull Invents Sports

September 10, 2007


Red Bull now has ads of the stupid devil getting wings, but the company got big creating unique sporting events.  Their popularity and coolness is increasing with aggressive parachute racing, and low flying planes slaloming through huge pylons. 

The Red Bull marketing team puts culture firsts, and knows that an exploding brand will follow by being mentioned  in news covering hardcore offbeat sports.