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Watch The Kindle Shine

November 19, 2007

Amazon’s Kindle stores 200 full novels and lasts for 30 hours on one charge.  It will change reading forever, and the greenies will love it taking even book worms paperless.

What makes it iconic is the look.  It’s not out to out-avant-garde the iPhone or Blackberry.  It makes a powerfully simple statement:  I JUST WANT TO READ.   The masses are still not techno-gadgets, and Amazon responded to the reading kind.  The Kindle culture will be set apart forever.

 Newsweek cover story


eBay Is Victorious

November 19, 2007

eBay’s new slogan ‘Shop Victoriously’ is emotionally charged.  Much like Monster’s ‘Today’s the Day’, the slogan has a rare yet stirring call to action.

10 years ago  this slogan would have been seen as cocky or arrogant, but today every company wants their slogan to get the reaction that these two words get.

Movember Is Working. Everywhere.

November 16, 2007

Movember newspaper ad

Prostate cancer in men is more prevalent than breast cancer in women. The awareness group Movember encourages men to grow a moustache in November and raise money for prostate cancer research.

The BC Lions have joined forces with Movember, and New Zealand private school students are breaking school rules to support the cause.

It’s working because Movember has brought the cool factor to a sensitive issue. The cheesiness of moustaches overrides that men’s egos get in the way of getting their prostates checked.

Smak is doing an awesome job generating press all over the world.

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Expect HUGE Things From Blowtorch

November 16, 2007

I love when successful start ups are easy to spot. The name, logo, concept and website all work at You don’t need to spend 15 minutes trying to figure out what they do, and the color combo is refreshingly different.

I often wonder if the hundreds of start ups launched every month forgot about “Don’t Make Me Think”. Buy the book here, oh ye start up barons.

Blowtorch just raised $50M. Read about it.

Bell Beavers Are Boring

November 16, 2007

Bell Beaver

Fido is dogs; Telus signed up monkeys, parrots, a hippo, and the entire sea life of a hotel aquarium; and Shaw is putting us to sleep with snails.

So the best the fourth TelCo company in BC could do is write lame conversations with cartoon beavers?

Very little creativity has gone into Bell‘s 2 year campaign. I doubt it’s working. In this uber competitive market, Bell should take their entire marketing campaign in another direction, and not play ‘me too’ with rodents that look like they should be in a seasonal beer commercial.