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Starbucks Shuts Down to Get Press, uh I Mean ‘Refine Skills’

February 27, 2008


Starbucks closed their doors for 3 hours to teach 135,000 staff how to brew perfect coffee.

This mild staff motivator was most definitely a spectacular PR stunt. Thousands of Starbucks non-regulars, and even enemies of the brand will drop in to see if there’s now a difference.

The shutdown was necessary. Saying “our coffee is now better,” doesn’t work. There needs to be dramatic action to get huge attention.

NY Times link


It’s the little things, man

February 18, 2008


Chill Winston is a hoppin new restaurant in Vancouver’s Gastown.

Their contact email is
Which one does a better job of revealing the culture and vibe of this restaurant:, or

Sooo many companies don’t need a rebirth to increase business.  Just a tweak to the company culture – the attention to detail in style and perception, and people become more attracted to the brand!

February 16, 2008


Tech start ups are HURTING in the branding department. Boomba, Nuna, Xomu… ugh – you’re so 2005.

The other naming casualty is pretending you’re a freelancer at the Apple campus. CNN’s iReport joins the myriad of blandly named sites that make everyone ask, “Steve Jobs?” Umm, no.

Let’s hope this Silicon Valley tendency falls sharply, and takes with it ‘beta’ and SUVs named with an ‘X’.


DC Shoes Milks The Viral Factor

February 3, 2008


DC Shoes sponsored one of the best videos ever.

It had over 200,000 views in the first week.

YouTube is a PR medium, like newspaper, TV, etc…
Go YouTube to grow your cool factor.