Tech start ups are HURTING in the branding department. Boomba, Nuna, Xomu… ugh – you’re so 2005.

The other naming casualty is pretending you’re a freelancer at the Apple campus. CNN’s iReport joins the myriad of blandly named sites that make everyone ask, “Steve Jobs?” Umm, no.

Let’s hope this Silicon Valley tendency falls sharply, and takes with it ‘beta’ and SUVs named with an ‘X’.


One Response to “iHaveNoCreativity.com”

  1. Gertrude Says:

    , to whit: "Acting isn't an art, it's a craft, that can be learned by anybody". From the man who did The Agony And The Ecstasy, The Ten Commandments, El Cid, etc. I wonder how many &qh;uoPsyct/Intro to teaching exceptional students" type courses film majors have to take today?

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