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April 29, 2008

In the last 2 years we have seen an overwhelming trend of companies claiming to be eco-minded. Are companies truly going green or is this a shallow marketing trend?

There’s a brand new subdivision in Maple Ridge, BC that’s branding ‘Eco-Friendly’ homes. A vinyl siding subidivision that just replaced a rain forest on the side of a mountain is calling its homes ‘Eco-Friendly’.

Maybe the homes grow oxygen-producing moss on the north-facing side, but this is far from genuine branding.

Wikipedia says sustainability is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely.


If you’re serious about growing a company while saving the planet USE ANOTHER TERM!
Think different because the going-green buzz words are becoming non-credible and will die fast.

update: see what Seth Godin thinks about this


Headline Jokers on April 1

April 1, 2008


I’ve never seen so many outlandish spoof announcements on April Fools. TechCrunch is suing Facebook for $25M, BMW is launching anti-dog piss tires, and the Google guys and Richard Branson are colonizing Mars.

Virgle is the craziest and most convincing. Sergey and Larry are kinda dorky anyways, so I watched their video thinking the most scrutinized duo in business were trying to be funny with a serious venture.

Also, who wouldn’t believe that Google and Virgin would be the people to do this?

The funniest is Google Calendar now has an “I’m feeling lucky” button that schedules you random dates.