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Mini Gets It

May 25, 2008

Few companies have a strong cool factor – let alone car companies. Some TRY too hard, and end up looking dorky.

Mini hits their target market in the bullseye.


Even Superheroes need PR

May 21, 2008

Hancock is about a homeless superhero that nobody likes. He hires a PR agent to help him with his image.
Put this in your calendar to see, k?
Because making superheroes BETTER is what we do.

K, fine, I’ll Twitter

May 13, 2008

It’s humbling to watch early adopters and PR heroes twitter, and not be apart of the crowd that ‘gets it’.

Facebook drove me nuts at first, and up until this point Twitter has been more annoying than useful, but all the cool kids seem to be twittering.

So, yes, I twitter. You?

Kids Up Front in the Vancouver Sun

May 12, 2008

This is such a cool charity that I’m working with.
Your tickets to the game/play/event that you can’t use can be sent to Kids Up Front, and they will fill your seats with needy children that would never be able to go to the event otherwise.

Here’s their piece in Saturday’s sports section.

Funny Shoe Ad

May 12, 2008

Go Simple!

AKA The Red.. Paperclip… Ma-aan

May 8, 2008

Feed off the inspiring, then do something bigger or better.

Visuals Are Powerful

May 8, 2008

The Mayor of Seattle wants Seattleites to stop drinking bottled water.

Today he had on display downtown Seattle 56 oil barrels and 9,000 water bottles. The barrels represent the oil it takes to transport all of the bottled water consumed in Seattle in a 12 hour period, and the water bottles represent how many bottles are used in the city in a 37 minute period.

He could have issued some drab report with overwhelming statistics, but holy crap does this ever get the point across.

PI link