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Walmart Goes Softie with New Logo

June 29, 2008

Although I have a PR company, I am passionate about logos and brand communication.

Walmart is about to begin replacing its Old Glory-colored signs with a muted burnt orange and white combo.   The somewhat medical clinic looking signs will be phased in to Walmart’s 3600 US stores, and follows the company replacing blue polyester uniforms with khakis and collared shirts.

I suspect Walmart is trying to make its abrasive, nation dominating brand and imposing culture seem more palpable in new and smaller markets.   The reputation of its intimidating stance has caused many towns to reject proposals for neighborhood Walmart stores in the past.

Let’s watch this behemoth continue to grow as it acquires a warmer hug and better people skills.


Why not make it a world record?

June 18, 2008

The highly anticipated FireFox 3 was released yesterday, and 8.3 million copies have been downloaded in 24hrs, giving it a 4% market share out of the gate.

Millions were anxiously waiting for this, but why not put a spin on it anyways?   Firefox said they wanted this to be the most downloaded thing in a 24hr period.   Guinness unlikely tracks download activity, so who knows what the previous record was.   But that’s not the point.

The point is… they did it!   Contests and world records excite people to be a part of a campaign.

TechCrunch link

Google-Powered Logos

June 11, 2008

Some corporations dilute their impact by having multiple brands that don’t appear to come from the same family.  Not Google.

Google has multiple brands, but you ALWAYS know it’s Google.  It is rarely on a different url.  It’s always   The winged turbine above is Google Code.