Bad Short Term and Long Term Marketing


Waves coffee is a newer coffee chain in Vancouver that is likely looking to take on Blenz.   However their marketing strategy falls short.   I was walking down the stairs to get on the skytrain, and someone handed me this:

Here’s why it is flawed:
1. ‘On the House’ has always meant free, not 1/2 price.   This is deceitful.
2. Most people during rush hour ride the sky train alone.  What am I going to do with TWO coffee drinks on my way to the suburbs??
3. It says ‘valid only on Thursday July 17th’ and I received mine on Friday, July 18th.   And what if I can’t use it right then?   I’m speed walking to get on a train!!   Why can’t I think about it, and come back the next day?
4. says that the website is under construction. is a slow loading flash site.

Waves has failed to turn me into a loyalist.  It’s like they don’t ‘get it’.   They haven’t done their local market research, and are taking a cheap, used car approach to driving traffic to their store.

In their defense, often these campaigns are executed by individual franchisees, who have no marketing sense.   Everything Starbucks does (except for free internet) still wins HANDS DOWN.


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