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Beyond ‘Professionalism’

August 29, 2008

People expect movers to be professional, so why have two fellas with their shirts tucked in beside a moving truck, when you can have this?
This picture reveals the culture of this (probably) tiny company in a big way.


The Truth!

August 29, 2008

Guru Energy’s new ad says what’s on our minds about energy drinks!
Why not just say it like it is?

Coke is Pretty

August 26, 2008

The Coke in these bottles taste the same, but think about the millions more they’ll sell JUST because the bottles are cool looking.
Business Week link

Seinfeld is a PC

August 25, 2008

Jerry Seinfeld gets $10M in a $300M marketing campaign promoting Windows Vista.
Jerry has what is takes to pull this off.  He’s one of the only people that has ever made Larry King stumble by confronting him.   What’s Apple to do?   Let’s hope this makes for a festive duel in the PC marketing realm.

Where eCommerce is going

August 18, 2008

Why not make your ecommerce look like a real shelf in a store?  Like Australian bag flogger Crumpler.

Adverblog link

The Cool Hunter will make you feel cool

August 15, 2008

This website is so random and stylin.   It covers trendsetting stuff all over the world and I am always inspired by it.  Scroll down and sideways.

The Mighty Midas Touch

August 11, 2008

This is hilarious.  Does Midas really think the most powerful home page message is that women can come in and feel brake rotors?   Do you know anyone who does this?

Mini’s Beijing PR stunt – so cool

August 8, 2008

Mini has a handful of rickshaws rolling around Beijing to draw attention to the Cooper Clubman launch.

Autoblog link

The Draw To The Bread And Butter

August 1, 2008

Jason Vance in Kelowna has a web design company. He recently launched an art/style/pop culture online magazine that focuses on the Okanagan, which has already had 2,000 downloads.

The magazine is so well done in so many ways; bold, powerful layout, diverse coverage, simple messaging. This no doubt magnifies Jason’s ability as a designer, and draws attention to his money maker – his web design company.

More companies need an alternative draw.  I call it ‘the story behind the story’.

The New Oxymoron

August 1, 2008

Someone emailed me this week, and it started:   “Dear Valued Client”

Wow, I feel so valued.  Oh except that you don’t even know my name.
I believe with new software and email formats, this type of generic blasting can be easily avoided.

Even “Hey everyone!” would be way better.