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current RULES

September 24, 2008

Al Gore is smart.  He founded user generated Current TV in 2006, and it keeps getting better and better.   I personally don’t agree with all opinions on it, but it captures the youth voice in a stylin way.

The user uploaded videos are fast paced, the announcer is an electronic voice (which works, surprisingly), and it’s easy to maneuver.   No wonder current is growing in users.


Referring for Cash Money

September 23, 2008

Most referral programs often seem complex and questionable.   Modern PurAir in Kelowna has a simple, up front incentive:  refer a friend, and if your friends starts an air duct cleaning franchise, you get $3,000.

I’m surprised more companies don’t take advantage of big pay-out marketing like this.

A Disappointing Site and Painful URL

September 22, 2008

It’s almost as if Audi doesn’t care if people come to their website to build a desired car.

This is the URL that comes up when building a $120,000 S8:

How am I supposed to send this to my friend?  And what’s up with the huge gray empty chasm in the middle of the screen that leaves us wondering if it’s time for a restart? 

BMW USA has the best ‘build your own’ of any car website.  Most Canadian equivalent websites are shamefully compromising.

Don’t Blame Hummer’s Ads

September 22, 2008

Hummer’s horrible reliability and ungodly gas mileage (I had one for a month in CA – it was an 11mpg rattle trap) are why GM is urgently flogging the division to the first taker.  Some predict that they will just dismantle the company within the next year.

Their ads, however, have always been great.   As far as cool factor, this is hard to beat!   This isn’t bad either.   They also have a series of ads that show Hummer owners using their trucks to voluntarily help people during natural disasters.    I’d put the link here, but their website doesn’t work properly in FireFox!

I bet the firm hired to produce the ads is sad that the product did not keep up with the marketing initiatives.

K, noowww I get Twitter

September 20, 2008

Twitter has bugged me forever – I always hear about it, but there doesn’t ever seem to be a reason to go check the 2 people that I follow.  I can follow them on Facebook.

Then I came across how shoe flogger Zappos’ employees post what they’re doing on the company site.   To be able to follow what staff are doing communicates the internal company culture to the customer base in a way that was never possible before.

MSFT knows how to fight back

September 19, 2008

Microsoft dumped Seinfeld for Chuck Lidell killer Rashad Evans, who is seen here wearing an actual police mug shot of Bill Gates on his t-shirt, as he enters the octagon.  Bill was arrested in New Mexico in 1977.

This is a formidable and worthy form of retaliation against Apple.


I eat this stuff up

September 16, 2008

Burger Heaven in New Westminster has named their burgers after the current political line up in the Canadian Elections.   The  clip above was scanned from yesterday’s Metro Newspaper.

This is a PR person’s dream:  a company branding their products with timely political news, and then sharing with the media which one is most popular.   It makes people wonder why the Layton burger is the most popular, since he’s the least popular candidate.   It makes me want to go find out why, and eat some beef.

I hope Burger Heaven has seen an increase in business this week.

Awww, how nice.

September 16, 2008

Ford wished its long time rival GM a happy 100th birthday by leaving the lights on in its headquarters in a unique way.

Very classy move – which also got both companies media coverage!

Autoblog Link

Despite Dominance, Red Bull Stays Cool

September 16, 2008

Amidst hundreds of brands, Red Bull has 65% of the North American energy drink market.

Which makes it even cooler that they still have a campaign around building local one-off vehicles like this old custom Willys Jeep (I think) for passive marketing purposes.

Notice the Red Bull hood ornament, with is also stitched on the leather seats.

My Book Idea

September 16, 2008

15 years ago, there weren’t any tip jars at coffee shops and small restaurants (that I can remember).   However now most places are very creative with their tip jar sayings.

What about a photo book of all the different tip jars?   You could go on a photo-taking tear through the North West, and surely collect hundreds of savvy sayings to lour in a few more coins.

Take the idea – it’s yours.

I like the one above from Vera’s Burgers in Kits.    There was also one at a pita place in Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna that said, ‘What is PITA spelled backwards?’    Those Kelownans are witty!