Despite Dominance, Red Bull Stays Cool


Amidst hundreds of brands, Red Bull has 65% of the North American energy drink market.

Which makes it even cooler that they still have a campaign around building local one-off vehicles like this old custom Willys Jeep (I think) for passive marketing purposes.

Notice the Red Bull hood ornament, with is also stitched on the leather seats.


2 Responses to “Despite Dominance, Red Bull Stays Cool”

  1. Ed@AC Says:

    Saw this on the M1 today near Leicester. Not sure about the willys jeep statement – the rear end including the rear window and surround panel work is definately adapted from a London Cab. Impressive beast, gave me a shock when I saw it coming up behind me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it is not a jeep.. its a Volvo TP21 :b

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