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DeadMau5 Gives the People More than Music

October 30, 2008

Toronto-bred DeadMau5 is the hottest DJ on the electro house/clubbing circuit right now.  In ONE YEAR he has worked his way up the charts of top dance radio channels, and is playing with the biggest DJs at the busiest clubs all over the world.

His music is the main reason that people are so drawn to him, although the light performance at his show is apparently stunning.   However, when is the last time you were at a show where the DJ was wearing a mouse head with huge eyes that were lit up by strobe lights?

Your core service isn’t enough.  It’s possible to go over the top and give your audience a refreshing experience.


Dodge’s Pumpkin Carving Marketing

October 24, 2008

I know, I’m surprised too, but Dodge got all creative, and this year hundreds of pumpkin faces will be replaced with Rams and Challengers.

There’s also a GT-R.

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Audi Speaks Through Fleet of Snowplows

October 18, 2008

Audi hired a fleet of snowplows in Toronto to send a stern warning to Torontonians that they best be considering all-wheel drive for winter.

My friend Paul sends his fleet of 18 1-800-GOT-JUNK? trucks up Yonge St. every Wednesday morning, but I love car companies busting the mold on typical marketing campaigns..

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Genius. Here Comes The Youthquake.

October 15, 2008

I am a fervent conservative at heart, but am inclined to support at least Obama’s campaign marketing and image.  His campaign is advertising on a billboard that gamers drive by on Burnout Paradise – a hardcore driving game by EA.

The McCain camp would never think of doing something like this, and seems to be isolating itself from the youth with each passing day.   Shame.

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7 Eleven US Election Cups

October 14, 2008

7 Eleven claims that their ‘buy a cup to show who you support’ campaign has been very accurate in the last two presidential elections.

Although results show that Obama is winning in Texas, which is contrary to current polls, this is absolutely brilliant, timely marketing.

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Your this, Your that, Your blah..

October 7, 2008

I bet that there are 500 companies in Vancouver that have a slogan that starts with ‘Your’.

Dashing Dave is likely a competent janitor and business owner, so I’m not bashing Dashing Dave.   But we should all expect more creativity from even the smallest companies.   Using ‘your’ is too much of a cop-out.  This is where marketing consultants come in handy.

And using hotmail and shaw for company emails is weak – no matter how small you are.  Websites are cheap and having a corporate email via gmail is free and 100x better than Outlook.