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Meat scented cologne… only at BK

December 19, 2008


I can’t keep up with how awesome Burger King is.
Meat……. scented…… cologne.

The reason all of this is happening is because the BK team is WILLING to try some of Crispin Porter’s wacky ideas.   Most companies wouldn’t dare.  But it’s only a win-win for everyone involved.

“The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled.”  = off the charts brilliant.


Try and stop watching him undress

December 16, 2008


Distilled Clothing’s video of this guy taking off multiple layers of clothing reveals their entire season’s collection in a mesmerizing way.

Way to keep people tuned in!

Is Christmasy Stuff Done?

December 10, 2008

This is Chad, my cousin Diana’s Christmas tree.
She’s moving the way I think we all should.

Tons of people aren’t into Christmas this year because Christmas has become kinda boring.

Here’s my suggestion…
Let’s keep:  Jesus, family reunions, helping the poor, getting heaps of presents
Let’s drop:  green, white, red, bells, over eating bad food, holly, the saaaame songs every year with commercials that sound like the saaaame songs every year, and everything else Christmasy.

I think if we held on to what is sacred and drew a blank slate for everything else, that we would have a creative explosion about how to celebrate a 2,000 year old event in a brand new way.

Not all traditions are worth keeping.

Bruce Lee sells Expensive Phones

December 8, 2008


Bruce Lee wins a FUNNY ping pong game with nunchucks as he flogs a $1300 limited edition Bruce Lee Nokia.

The phone is for the Chinese market, but it wouldn’t be worth $1300 if Bruce wasn’t iconic in the US.

Adverblog link

Hail the Whopper Virgins!

December 4, 2008

I am literally going to get a Whopper tomorrow just to show support for how cool Burger King is getting.

According to ComScore, had 242,000 unique visitors in December.
Uhh, ya that would be considered ‘successful’.

Savage but Different

December 4, 2008


You know how most music videos have like a thousand frame shots and tons going on?
Kanye’s new video has THREE frame shots and, other than a torched fur coat, was obviously inexpensive to make.

We also seem to be immune to lethal gunfire on TV.  This, however, is a bit of a tummy churner.

Watch Flashing Lights by Kanye West – WARNING:  pretty dang graphic, but new and refreshing at the same time.

Sharpie Goes Wild

December 1, 2008


Sharpie has a blog with all sorts of ideas about how to use their pens to decorate Christmas stockings, lamp shades and rocks!

No doubt thousands more Sharpies have been sold on these inspiring tips alone.   Creative company blogs are still way too scarce and underused.


Diddy, the Shameless Headline Getter

December 1, 2008


Diddy announced he wants to be the next James Bond.   It`s cool that he`s black, but he`s AMERICAN.  MI-6 can`t have a yank pass that much British clearance and save the world.

It’s just a PR stunt.  He`s getting his name thrown around while people are in a short season of following anything Bond.

The picture below reflects the most certain outcome of Diddy`s endeavor, but what can YOU announce that’s timely to get headlines?


Twitter is funny

December 1, 2008


In Twitter’s ‘humanness’ section of registering a new Twitter account, they have words you need to type that are very apropos during the US Thanksgiving weekend.


I bet Twitter is bigger than Facebook in 12 months.   It’s just starting to sink in how fun and useful and human this site really is.    Wanna follow me?