Hail the Whopper Virgins!


I am literally going to get a Whopper tomorrow just to show support for how cool Burger King is getting.

According to ComScore, Whoppervirgins.com had 242,000 unique visitors in December.
Uhh, ya that would be considered ‘successful’.


One Response to “Hail the Whopper Virgins!”

  1. junkopartner Says:

    Yeah, these are great ads, megawatt! I love them, but it’s curious they’re buying in to these slightly esoteric, obscure humour ads to sell fast food. Like the Burger King guy. They’re fun, but it doesn’t move me to buy a whopper like it does you, apprently. The whopper’s totally incidental in these ads. What is whopper, anyway?

    Also just to say that I just read a bit of your blog today and I enjoy it and I think it’s real fun … and you need some comments!



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