Is Christmasy Stuff Done?


This is Chad, my cousin Diana’s Christmas tree.
She’s moving the way I think we all should.

Tons of people aren’t into Christmas this year because Christmas has become kinda boring.

Here’s my suggestion…
Let’s keep:  Jesus, family reunions, helping the poor, getting heaps of presents
Let’s drop:  green, white, red, bells, over eating bad food, holly, the saaaame songs every year with commercials that sound like the saaaame songs every year, and everything else Christmasy.

I think if we held on to what is sacred and drew a blank slate for everything else, that we would have a creative explosion about how to celebrate a 2,000 year old event in a brand new way.

Not all traditions are worth keeping.


One Response to “Is Christmasy Stuff Done?”

  1. Fiddy Says:

    Totally agree. That tree is awesome.

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