It’sss Saturday night … at the …. drug store!



Last night I was at the new London Drugs at Cambie and Broadway.   The store-wide speaker system was cranking out some cheesy 70s/80s music, which was definitely selected by someone with taste.

I was downright digging it.  Then I noticed other people bopping their heads, which started conversations.  The cashier even told me people had complimented on the music.   I didn’t want to leave – I hung out for longer than anticipated, boogieing from aisle to aisle.

Maybe it isn’t cranked when grandmas make up a larger percentage on Wednesday mornings, but for too long we’ve limited having a fun experience to only certain venues/industries.  Oh what a joy to see a staid, typical drug store encourage loiterers and patrons to bust a move.


One Response to “It’sss Saturday night … at the …. drug store!”

  1. nancy (aka money coach) Says:

    Yay London Drugs! What a great post. I’ve been in that store – gorgeous!

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