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Creepy but Effective?

February 28, 2009


I’m listening to San Francisco’s Energy 92.7 online, and the airwaves are being inundated with ads for – an organization put together by California Accountants to encourage people to save money.

The cool factor of this campaign will make you want to listen to accountants about ways to save money without rolling your eyes in a ‘ya ya ya’ kinda way.


Spectacular Slogan Spurs Dairy Craving

February 25, 2009


Great work Island Farms.

Welcome Steve!!

February 21, 2009


Tyler and Steve were each wandering through the desert.   Steve was writing articles (even one on mustaches) for several publications, yet looking to make a bigger impact as a Publicist, and Tyler was working from home for 5 years, all the while feeling the burn to take Megawatt PR to another level.

They have joined forces and are strapped in and moving faster (clearly illustrated above) to bring bigger results for their handful of customers.

Steve has been posting on here for over 2 weeks, so keep looking for his witty and insightful perspective on the marketing and PR realms.

Zeitgeist Tag Lines

February 21, 2009

Zeitgeist means the spirit of a time, or the spirit of right now.

Purolator in Vancouver’s slogan exploits the emotion running through the city around anything Olympics, while Virgin Mobile in Toronto joins those frustrated with the economy with  Check it soon for recession screwing updates!

Virgin story via Jennifer Wells at The Globe & Mail
Purolator story via my BlackBerry from my office window


The Pretend Embargo Leak

February 20, 2009


Photos of Rolls Royce’s new model were ‘leaked ahead of the embargo‘ today. Well, I need to see a video of the fuming mad CEO before I believe it wasn’t planned.

Ever-increasing staged embargo leaks add a certain drama and sense of urgency in reading something that wasn’t supposed to be leaked, which greatly increases exposure – even among the Grey Poupon crowd.

Embargoes are dying anyways. Even the most notorious tech blogger said he won’t honor embargoes anymore.

Getting the hip kids moving

February 19, 2009

hipster_sm-from-divine-carolineNow here’s a company that knows how to talk to a niche market. In this case that market is the ever elusive New York Hipster Demographic. Although a Hipster will scoff at the idea of being called a Hipster, only a Hipster would would find this really funny.

Take a look, it’s literally a check list of sub-culture stereotypes. Loft? Check. Skinny Jeans? Check. Irony? Double Check.

Another interesting point to take note of is the fact that this is just a street poster, but because it’s so clever and entertaining, it’s now circling the internet and getting tons more coverage that a simple paper ad ever would. This is huge for

Talk about bang for your buck.

photo via

Sarcasm is Lovely

February 18, 2009


Hulu’s Superbowl ad with Alec Baldwin reveals their true intentions in the slogan ‘An evil plot to destroy the world.’

More companies should have fun with corporate branding, and realize that most people ‘get it’.

(Oh, and Canadians are severely bothered that Hulu doesn’t work up here. Argh!)

Setting the bar(code) high

February 17, 2009

wertertereThe machine readable UPC-A optical barcode has been checking things out for over four decades now, and not a lot has changed since the ’70s.

But the envelope-pushers over in Japan have taken the ubiquitous lines and gaps to new heights by incorporating them into tiny vignettes on the back of consumer packages.

It’s too bad that monkying with the code is off limits in North America, because it’s another great way to turn heads and catch eyes.

more fun examples over at


February 16, 2009


Guitar shops are a dime a dozen, and most of them don’t stand out from the pack.

However, the blokes over at The Guitar Store in Southhampton, England, found a way to get noticed.

So how do they stand out? Well, they make the entire store front looks like a giant amp. Now there’s a way to get attention even when your store is closed. And take a close look at the knobs. While most amps only go up to 10, these go up to ll!

Image courtesy of Glen Scott

Of COURSE it was planned

February 15, 2009

Many people think that Joaquin Phoenix’s weird appearance on Letterman was legitimately awkward and that Joaquin was actually in a poopy mood.

This successful PR stunt has obviously duped the nation! Joaquin’s alleged last movie as an actor and new found hip-hop career will reap the harvest of naive viewers as his ‘mood swing’ grows virally.

HuffPost link