Really, Sarah??



I like Obama but am conservative at heart and was pumped when Palin showed up on the scene (I’m also Canadian so who cares).
Now, however, I’m just not digging her new approach.

This is her come back?   A cheesy home page with a logo that defiles the Lower 48?   And why are her hands held together like some self-help author from 1996?   Sarah, please tell me you’re not using PM Harper’s image consultant.


Everyone knows that the GOP isn’t relating to the youth culture – well they just took another step back.
Nail the cool factor on the head you guys, THEN claim you’re ‘on the threshold of a historic renaissance’. Being conservative is about a set of values, not portraying a certain look!   Hint to GOP guys: chillax on parting your hair that way.  No, seriously.

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