Is your soda smiling?


2969469986_58df961085Like a lot of people out there, I really enjoy a refreshing cola from time to time. Usually I pick up whatever is handy, but my girlfriend won’t buy anything that isn’t Pepsi. She says it tastes better. I don’t know about you, but I always failed the taste challenge.

Then it all changed. And by it all, I mean the logo. Sure it’s still the same red, white, and blue ball that brings to mind images of playful youth, and a certain Barenaked Ladies album, but only now it appears to be smiling.

In a change similar to when clock vendors set all the arms to 2:50, the new logo is now really driving the “happy” point home. But there’s a problem with abstract images like this. To some of the audience, they don’t always look like the intended idea.


Goes to show why it’s always a good idea to get a lot of fresh takes on any new image change before sending it out into the world. (illustration via

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