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Promoting Failure

March 31, 2009

This Honda viral video talks about their failures over the years.  It’s a bit heart tugging and is worth a watch.

Honda can talk this way because of their success and reliability.

Best line:  “You’re constantly on the brink of crashing cuz… that’s the fastest.”   Oh, Danica.

via  Autoblog


Waiting to Pee Broke a Record

March 26, 2009

This week in Brussels, 756 people made the longest toilet queue to set a new world record in support of UNICEF‘s WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).

Unicef says  “We have 5,000 children dying every day from the lack of clean water, sanitation and hygiene education — this means one every 20 seconds.”

Things needed to set this up:  donated porta-potty, huge email list, press release.   It probably cost them NOTHING and it made headlines around the world.

Reuters link.

I wonder – did they HAVE to use the bathroom to make it official?   That could get personal.


Samsung Sponsors LED Sheep Art

March 26, 2009

Wow  – you’ve never seen anything like this.

It was done in Wales.  The London Telegraph says more than a million people have watched the video in the first four days.   Companies all over the world will gladly give money to something that has this much viral potential.


Vancouver’s Broadway was a Marketing Decision

March 24, 2009

100 years ago, businesses got together and had the city change 9th Avenue in Vancouver to Broadway.
Story in today’s 24 Hours here.

I wonder what other significant change a group of businesses can bring.   Instead of waiting for a public committee to instill change, I believe small towns and whole areas can thrive like never before with a new message/campaign/theme if a concerted effort is put forth by a handful of companies.

JetBlue Milks the CEO Scandal!

March 19, 2009

jetblueJet Blue’s brilliant viral ads make fun of CEOs having to park their jets and fly commercial. – love the name.

Why the Dutch are Skinny

March 17, 2009

Imagine the people that would come and sit just to see their weight.
Imagine the fat people that would be furious.
But then would join the gym.

No need for words.  The facts say it all.

Fitness First is the world’s largest health club chain.
N=5 is the hired agency (sweet website)

via The Cool Hunter (of course!)

The Logo Says it All

March 12, 2009

I love when a logo fits a brand perfectly.
Haute Note makes very high end custom greeting cards, which comes across clearly in this calligraphy/crown logo.

BlackBerry Storm controls F1 car

March 11, 2009

Stunning viral video of a remote control Vodafone McLaren F1 racecar, with a BlackBerry Storm at the wheel, I mean as the wheel.

I like how it’s done in a casual non-professional way.

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We’re all fleas

March 11, 2009


Photos of fleas aren’t nearly as creepy as turning people into fleas.  Here they are walking over a huge dog in a Jakarta shopping centre.

Jak Petz hired Saatchi & Saatchi for this campaign.   Frontline is the name of the flea killer – a strong name indeed.


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Return Policy

March 9, 2009

When returning hardware to the phone company it’s easier to go to the source.

Here Tyler gives Telus back some unused parts to one of their drivers the easiest way possible.

“Best way to not take ‘no’ for an answer is avoid getting an answer altogether.” – Tyler