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Creative Begging

April 23, 2009

beggar2Normally I am adamantly against giving money to street beggars.  But wait a second, did you just challenge my entire gender?

Now my pride is on the line.

He told me the giving is about 50/50 between women and men.

Come one guys, pay up!


Small Companies, Start Twouting!!

April 15, 2009

yell-girlThe NY Times describes how Twitter is being used as a “useful tool for solving problems and providing insights into the digital mood.”  The article refers to Twitter as “the world’s collective brain,” and says that people can study and even help shape public sentiment.

I challenge every company to get massive on Twitter.  Get really good at getting freaking LOUD and amazing on this website.
It’s JUST starting.

It’s NOT the next Facebook.  The Twitter platform has so much potential for ubiquity, and hundreds of companies are on the cusp of tapping into its potential.  Look for superhero Twitter testimonies soon.twit-bird1

MAKE your brand be a chunk of the public sentiment.

Interactive Car Ad Wars

April 13, 2009

Juggernaut Advertising
in Santa Monica created an ad for BMW that responds to Audi’s provocation.  Initially, it looks as though the companies joined forces for a campaign.  They didn’t.  And BMW ultimately gets the upper-hand.

via autospies via @carnews

‘Do Something Awesome’

April 9, 2009

Twitter co-Founder Ev Williams tells people that want to start a company to “Do something awesome,” and “Don’t get caught up in the echo chamber.”

Well said, Ev.
TechCrunch has it queued to where you want it.

The (Deliberately) Weird & Famous

April 9, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton has gone all ‘Joaquin’ on us to promote his three new music albums for his band, The Boxmasters.

He is a bad acting, Canadian bashing, complete psycho in this CBC interview, which has had hundreds of media hits and a bajillion tweets in two days.

No doubt  the staged weirdness helps album sales pop.  Watch it on The Q.

Hilarious Spoof Builds Massive Contact List

April 8, 2009


When Hotelicopter was announced four days before April Fools, bloggers and readers weren’t sure whether to believe it or not.  It seemed ridiculous and impractical, yet completely mesmerizing, making us wonder about its possibilities.  The tea room and yoga studio should have been a dead giveaway.

Blogistan went crazy covering it.  I signed up for email updates.

Turns out Hotelicopter is a new hotel booking search site, which now has thousands of emails in their database!

picture-521Don’t you LOVE this company already?

Update via TechCrunch

Using Sexy Role Models

April 7, 2009


PETA aims to get even further away from their wimpy, whiny image by having The Sexiest Vegetarians poll, with photos.

It won’t work on me, but I can see it wooing the fence sitters, who somehow think it’s sexy to not wear eel skin belts or eat Cream of Spotted Owl soup.   (???)

via HuffPost

All the Wheels Line Up

April 2, 2009

audiwheelAt the car show, Audi has the logo on each wheel of every car perfectly level.    

I bet less than 20% of people catch the perfectly aligned wheels, but those who notice appreciate detail, and are likely Audi’s target audience.

Teeny tiny things matter when marketing a product.