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Frog News!

May 31, 2009

I’ve helped my customer FrogBox generate some cool media coverage lately.  Check out their new ‘In The News‘ page.

The company gives 1% of revenues to frog habitat restoration. It’s for a noble cause, and definitely helps fuel the good news about renting plastic boxes instead of using cardboard (which is so 1993). Tweet em!


The New Global 4 Letter Word

May 28, 2009

Microsoft’s new Bing ‘decision engine’ will go live June 3rd.  While some people criticize the name, soft spoken CEO Steve Ballmer explains to Walt Mossberg that the name had to be easy to say in multiple languages.

The functionality will be great, but the name ALONE will take this new form of search to stratospheric levels.

The name ALONE of your next brand can be this iconic too.

Me Talking PR

May 26, 2009

Last week I spoke at a MeetUp event at The Network Hub.
Subject:  3 Things That CAN Help You Get Publicity

Check it out, and yes I know I need better make-up next time.

Mix Up Routine to Boost Awareness

May 25, 2009

After 70 years, Archie will choose between Betty and Veronica.
Big change announcement = media coverage spike = sales boost.

In related news, Maggie Simpson spoke her first word recently.
Is nothing sacred when seeking headlines?!

via MSN

Niche is Chic

May 23, 2009

A lot of small companies do too much and miss out on marketing opportunities because they’re not focused and can’t build credibility.

I often correct people:  I’m not a ‘Full Services PR Firm’ or a ‘PR Consultant’. I help small companies generate media coverage – that’s my niche!

2 photographers with spectacular work because they’re focused:

Ken Wan of ARC does stunning Architectural Photography, and
Maria Petersen of will capture your graduation like no one else.  What’s your specialty?


May 22, 2009

Yesterday both The Province and Metro had cover stories that people with foreign sounding names have a harder time finding jobs.

So change it. Your ancestors did.

Local examples of strong name changes
Spice Lucks – one of BC’s top superstar Realtors.
Shoe icon John Fluevog, whose grandpa changed the family name.
Lexie Lamour, who told me last night her real last name is too confusing, and since she moved to Vancouver a few months ago has really made a name for herself in the local fashion scene, hosting many events with top designers.

Swallow your family pride. Market yourself with a cool new identity.

Neato Incentive

May 21, 2009

Blog behemoth TechCrunch has a ustream channel where you can watch them work live at the ‘CrunchPad’.   Today there’s a white board on the live screen that says ‘we’ll blog in ur start-up’s t-shirts.  Email’

Now watch their viewer count rise steadily.

Eat In The Dark

May 21, 2009

I just learned about O Noir – a restaurant in Montreal that is completely dark inside, and the servers and musicians are blind.O.Noir-frontTheir website explains the benefit of the experience:  “When you eat without your sight, your remaining senses are heightened to savour the smell and taste of food.”

And 5% of profit goes to helping the blind.

Companies with this kind of mind blowing experience can rely entirely on free publicity and word of mouth for business.

Strong Photos Always Dominate

May 21, 2009

Vancouver celebrity hot spot Studeo 55 has a new site with few words.  The photo does all the talking, and reveals an emotion and cool factor that words never could.  Refresh the site to see the next pic.
Member cars: Ferrari 550 & Pastor Koop’s dope mint 68 Firebird

Speed Dating Redefined

May 18, 2009

Air New Zealand launched The Matchmaking Flight – a service that lets single people get jet set together on an overnight flight. Because nothing says ‘dream date’ like sitting in the middle seat beside some desperate goblin for 13 hours.

The point is this is a PR stunt to bring huge attention to New Zealand and Air New Zealand.  It may very well work for the lonely flyer, but if it flops in 3 months, Air New Zealand got hundreds of media hits around the world.

via Wired