Top 50 PR Stunts


blog stunt pics
Prince’s symbol       Virgin mocking BA      RedBull wakeboards Venice

These top PR stunts show the diversity, power and significance of doing crazy different stunts that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BRAND.  It’s important to remember that getting a butt load of attention doesn’t need to directly align with core marketing principles.

Just do something crazy already.

WARNING: A couple small pics have subtle and indirect nudity.  Sorry.  Normally I wouldn’t post pornography, but … ya let’s just blame the Brits. And don’t think you need to use porn to get your brand noticed.  It’s been done a million times, guys, and it isn’t at all original.

via Taylor Herring PR


2 Responses to “Top 50 PR Stunts”

  1. zaggededge Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Everyone loves a little craziness to catch their attention.

  2. Lexie Lamour Says:

    I’m thinking of doing a guerrilla GLAM City Girls Fashion Show on Robson this summer. I can’t decide between getting them to wear branded pink tanks and tiaras or getting them to strunt in nude coloured bikinis with pink sashes. What do you think?

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