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Creative Encourager

June 29, 2009

If you’re anything like me you get trapped going to the same websites over and over. StumbleUpon will mix that up and keep your inspiration high.

Just keep clicking the ‘Stumble’ button in the top left corner.  You’ll see random stuff /games /images /stats that you’d never encounter elsewhere.

Keep the juices flowin!  Here’s one called Breathing Earth.z
Or what about Squirrel Slingshot?  Hahahah!!


Cheap, Cheesy and Effective

June 26, 2009

king of floorsNormally I would tell companies to avoid this type of ad like the plague.  However King of Floors in Surrey BC has had a 2000% increase in business since he started broadcasting his really cheeseball ads, where he wears a toupé and lets his dog talk with a girly voice.

He’s also now the largest flooring distributor in Western Canada.

The commercials are complete in TWO takes.   I guess they’re so bad, they’re good!

The best part is he’s in both today’s Sun and Province – in two separate stories.  WOW.  The story behind the story is the cheesy ads.  They are why he’s in the paper – not because of high sales.  What’s your story behind the story??

via Province

watch ads on YouTube

Purses Made of Car Seats

June 25, 2009

This woman somehow got a warehouse full of unused car seat upholstery and created a line of super cool handbags.

Target market: maybe car freak guys buying them for their wives?

It just made me think: how resourceful can we be with things that are otherwise useless?

via Autoblog

Welcome Bratface!

June 25, 2009

Fellow ex-GOT-JUNKer and 1/5 of the revered Smart Cookies, Andrea Baxter just launched a new company: Bratface Marketing.

What a sweet name!  In one word it says that the company is confident, will take risks, be bold and cheeky, and have fun doing it. Never mind Andrea’s awesome track record, I am convinced that prospects will consider Bratface on the name alone.

Rip it up Andrea!

Talk Like The People

June 24, 2009

I think it’s funny when companies or people at work try hard to sound super professional.  They usually come across weak and lame. Why not just talk like people talk?

The lease sign above shows us that this leaser has a personality.  No question more people will call because this professional sign is a bit casual/fun.  via boingboing

And the name of the chip company below made me smile at the grocery store.  You just know there’s a cool group of people on the other end of this bag. Yay Hippie Chips!

hippie chips

Fake Signs Work

June 22, 2009

North Vancouver has signs along roads where deer are repeatedly maimed by cars, warning drivers of rhinos, camels and dead people.

Since the signs went up, the number of deer road kill has dropped by 80 percent!

People pay attention to things they’re not used to seeing.  What can you do to make people do a double take?

Great article on this in Vancouver Magazine.

$10K Online Scavenger Hunt

June 21, 2009

Microsoft has buried $10,000 somewhere online for an IE8 campaign.

They’re giving updates via tweets at tengrand_ie8.

Think of the maniacally determined pursuers who won’t rest!  Watch it build.

via ev (Twitter co-Founder)

KILL Your Competition

June 21, 2009

ba vs virgin
Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame said, “When your competition is drowning, stick a hose in their mouth.”  (via Cameron H)

That’s exactly what Richard Branson is doing to British Airways: calling the multi-billion dollar commercial airline ‘almost worthless’, and encouraging the British Goverment to NOT bail them out.

BA was ruthless to Virgin in the early years, so Richard’s unceasing antagonism is almost expected.  I find it beautiful.  He is most definitely capitalizing on a fresh PR opportunity as his main competitor wobbles.

Smaller companies can apply this rival-killing drama, but only do it if it creates headlines.

Getting Creative

June 21, 2009

I find my creativity starts flowing when I stop taking myself so freakin seriously and start laughing at stuff.

The Onion Store is a great place to get into a creative space.  You’ll find stupid (yet buyable) products that may trigger “OMG so funny… hey wait a sec!  What about this?”

Lame Name

June 19, 2009

In an attempt to appeal to a bigger audience, Pizza Hut is dropping ‘pizza’, to become ‘The Hut’.    Ugh.

It’s like they don’t get it.  The new name is phoenetically weak and cheapens the brand.  An entire re-brand would have been best.

This ain’t no FedEx – I doubt it will fly.

via MSN via my cousin Scott