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The 8½ X 11 Marketing Plague

July 23, 2009

Paper ad
Way too many restaurants and retailers are abandoning their dignity by adding a sheet of paper as signage.  I see it everyday, and I live in Yaletown – where EA, Blast Radius, Cossette and other brand aces dwell.  Oohh the dichotomy!

If you are doing this at your store, please stop.  You’re sabotaging your brand and culture by cutting the wrong corners.

If I was Mayor, there’d be severe punishment for this kind of wimpy signage.


Give ‘Em a Reason to Follow You

July 22, 2009

Curtis Kimball in San Francisco has 5,400 people following him on Twitter to find out where his mobile creme brûlée cart will be each day.

This is an example of someone maximizing Twitter.  He says it’s now his only marketing tool.

Companies need to find out how to get their specific audience to pay attention to their tweets.  It’s one thing to have followers – and it’s a completely different thing to have your followers actually engaged.  Treat it as a completely separate marketing campaign.

via NY Times

Brands Selling Out to PORN

July 18, 2009

Apparently more and more companies think it’s creative and catchy to have nudity in their ads.  I think it’s a cop-out: they do it because they can’t think of anything truly creative.

Nude celebs for PETA took the lead on this; the pic below is Air New Zealand’s new campaign with painted nude bodies; and last week’s 24 Hours newspaper had some cancer fighting topless women on the cover….. the list goes on and on and is unfortunately growing.

The Vancouver Courier is tired of it, and I agree with their reasoning.

Instead of being a washed up wannabe with low life porn as your marketing standard, come up with something original that would make your mom proud.

NOTHING is ‘off the record’

July 16, 2009

If you ever talk to a Reporter, don’t tell them anything you don’t want them to say, because they WILL use it.

An extreme example of this is some loser who used to work at Twitter got away with dozens of confidential documents/info, and sent them to TechCrunch.   TechCrunch is now posting some of the info in blogs over the next few days.   Some of it is very private and potentially embarrassing.

While the debate rages on whether TechCrunch and other blogs are taking the ethical route by sharing this info, the lesson learned is that EVERYTHING is fair game to the media.  Their job is to inform and entertain, and they’ll use absolutely whatever info they can get.

Frightening Promo (?)

July 16, 2009

_Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00035
I just saw this ad.  It made me wonder what the heck was going on.  I got scared, ran home and watched the trailer for Peter Jackson’s new movie, which scared the crap out of me even more.

Why just promote a film when you can send sheer panic (or whatever) into society through bus stop ads?  Mix it up.

People Notice Little Things

July 13, 2009

BW Fail window
FAILBlog labeled this with their notorious FAIL, but I am convinced that one crooked window on this hotel was a marketing decision.

Imagine how many people would ask for this specific room.  In this case, I bet the window is even a stronger draw than ‘Best Western’.

There’s so many teeny tiny things that companies can do to put a wink and a nudge into their marketing efforts.

Milk the MJ Mo’

July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial
Why not profit from irrational hype?

Land Rover of Encino, CA lent ten black Range Rovers for Wacko Jacko’s funeral motorcade.  ONE BILLION people (ugh. Really you guys?) watched those Rovers roll in unison during a tear jerking historic moment, and it probably cost them literally nothing.

And one of my very favorite custom t-shirt shops, Bang-On on Robson Street has two MJ t-shirts in front of their store.  Tonight I walked in and asked if they were selling a lot of MJ t-shirts because of it.  All three of them clerks looked at me simultaneously and said, “Oooh ya.”

I’m actually surprised how many companies are NOT blatantly taking advantage of this 10 day media frenzy.


Stunning Visual

July 7, 2009

Ken Block in air
This scene from rally driver Ken Block’s performance on Top Gear last week is without question one of the most captivating shots of the year.

The first step to creating a groundbreaking photo op is the desire to create one.  Good on ya Top Gear.

via Autoblog