NOTHING is ‘off the record’


If you ever talk to a Reporter, don’t tell them anything you don’t want them to say, because they WILL use it.

An extreme example of this is some loser who used to work at Twitter got away with dozens of confidential documents/info, and sent them to TechCrunch.   TechCrunch is now posting some of the info in blogs over the next few days.   Some of it is very private and potentially embarrassing.

While the debate rages on whether TechCrunch and other blogs are taking the ethical route by sharing this info, the lesson learned is that EVERYTHING is fair game to the media.  Their job is to inform and entertain, and they’ll use absolutely whatever info they can get.


One Response to “NOTHING is ‘off the record’”

  1. Shawn Price Says:

    According to Twitter the data was stolen. Techcrunch also blogged about how twitter’s security was compromised.

    There is a very big difference between posting confidential information, and stolen information, not only ethically but also legally.

    As the recent debacle with Murdoch’s media people in the UK hacking into people’s cell phones to find juicy news shows, not everything is fair game to the media.

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