The 8½ X 11 Marketing Plague


Paper ad
Way too many restaurants and retailers are abandoning their dignity by adding a sheet of paper as signage.  I see it everyday, and I live in Yaletown – where EA, Blast Radius, Cossette and other brand aces dwell.  Oohh the dichotomy!

If you are doing this at your store, please stop.  You’re sabotaging your brand and culture by cutting the wrong corners.

If I was Mayor, there’d be severe punishment for this kind of wimpy signage.


One Response to “The 8½ X 11 Marketing Plague”

  1. Naz Says:

    Hi Tyler,
    The example you used above belongs to our cafe. It’s so easy for you to judge us since you are the marketing/branding expert. Our cafe is a family business and we spent our entire life savings to open this place and has no money left to do PROPER advertisement therefore temporarily we put that paper on just to let you and others know that we have a new breakfast item. Of course we wish that we have money to market our business PROPERLY but sometimes lack of money dictates what you have to do. Now, please remove this picture immediately because you don’t have our permission to use it. All my best, Naz Gurbuz, Owner

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