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Celebrating Rain

August 31, 2009

This 60ft rain drop at the new Convention Centre downtown Vancouver puts a positive spin on the copious amounts of rain that we get.

Similarly, Capilano College has all the rain collect from the main campus roof, then it comes pouring onto rocks at the main entrance, like a waterfall. Celebrate rain!

If your brand is susceptible to circumstances often deemed negative, find a way to turn it around and celebrate the circumstances!


Cutting Corners Can Hurt

August 26, 2009

MSFT guy
Seattle’s KIRO 7 says that Microsoft is apologizing for changing an ad for the Polish market by photoshopping a white guy’s head on a black guy’s body.

There are almost no black people in isolated Poland (less than 5,000 in a country of 38 million) so swapping in a white dude isn’t necessarily racist.  But obviously the way it was done is brutal.  How easy it would have been to have another guy sit in for a different picture.

Oh how taking short cuts will sting!  This is also the kind of thing that mainstream US media could exploit for weeks.  Here’s TC’s version.

And I’m pretty sure the black/white guy is using a Mac.  Ummm..???

One Man Band Beauty

August 25, 2009

This guy was working the didgeridoo, bongo drums, and like those shell things on his ankle in perfect harmony.  It sounded so different that I bet he made better money today than all the other street buskers in Vancouver.

The performance encouraged me that I can multi-task and still be effective and profitable.  It also reminded me of my friend Ray Torresan telling me about ‘all attraction, no promotion’:  Let people come to you (great music) instead of pushing something on them (begging).

See This Documentary

August 25, 2009

All my creative friends should see Art & Copy when it comes out.

According to PSFK, the producer didn’t want to criticize all of the bad ads (something I need to stop doing), but instead focuses on the genuinely cool and effective stuff.

They need a Vancouver viewing!

Dress Different Already

August 25, 2009


Why do most logo’d golf shirts have the logo on the left side of the chest?  Like I bet 90% of them..   WHY?!!!

I’ve been challenging two of my customers to put their logo somewhere else – ANYWHERE else!  People will find it refreshing and notice it more.  It’s the little details that reveal a company’s culture.

On a similar note – why do 95% of weddings look the same?  What’s the deal with everyone wearing shiny dressy clothes and coiffed hair?

I hope that wife of mine will be up for a spiffy veer from the norm… 😛

No They Didn’t

August 25, 2009

I had a veggie burger at Harvey’s at Home Depot this week.
The problem with having this sign where people sit AFTER they’ve ordered their food is that customers subconsciously go through the list and ask if they received the service that was ‘promised’ to them.

#1 and #4 didn’t happen for me.  This wording sounds like a good idea but ends up doing more damage than good.  I left the restaurant disappointed.
Good burger though!

Visuals Beat Stats

August 25, 2009

If this ad was just percentages, it wouldn’t have stopped me in my tracks.

The simple visual paints a vivid, powerful picture of transportation usage in Vancouver.

Only problem:  the name and url were so small I don’t know what this was for.

Is that the best you got?

August 23, 2009

Don’t be offended by these:
Why do 90% of small companies have info@ as their main email?  Can they not use something that reveals more of the company culture?
Like… ANYTHING other than ‘info’ would work.

And why do 95+% of Twitter auto responders say ‘Thanks for the follow’?  Is that the most effective thing to say to new followers?

There’s so much untapped potential for companies getting creative in enhancing the experience.  The brand experience is made up in the detail.
thanks for the follow

They Got Me!

August 14, 2009

Robson St. is Vancouver’s tourist laden shopping strip.  Beggars, retailers, promoters, buskers and others are all vying for your attention.  I’m there every day so am very good at saying no.

Today, however, this super enthusiastic guy in front of LUSH had a pallet with green wet paint on it.  He zealously told me I could put my hand in the paint and put it anywhere on the window – it was like leading a kid to play.

THEN I had to go in to wash off my hand!  Guess who was in there waiting for me: A thick-accented Irish girl who used my arm and hand to sample massage lotions, powders and like creams and stuff.

What an different experience.  I had to buy something.  Coincidentally  I’ve always wondered if those smelly balls really do work in the bath!

Genuine enthusiasm and a unique experience work even in busy, jaded crowds.

Gettin Zitty With It

August 12, 2009

ClearEx acne gel has a billboard in Tel Aviv where you can climb the zits.  Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive is the brainy team behind it.

So good.  ClearEx doesn’t come up on first page of Google though – not so good.

Via TheCoolHunter