They Got Me!


Robson St. is Vancouver’s tourist laden shopping strip.  Beggars, retailers, promoters, buskers and others are all vying for your attention.  I’m there every day so am very good at saying no.

Today, however, this super enthusiastic guy in front of LUSH had a pallet with green wet paint on it.  He zealously told me I could put my hand in the paint and put it anywhere on the window – it was like leading a kid to play.

THEN I had to go in to wash off my hand!  Guess who was in there waiting for me: A thick-accented Irish girl who used my arm and hand to sample massage lotions, powders and like creams and stuff.

What an different experience.  I had to buy something.  Coincidentally  I’ve always wondered if those smelly balls really do work in the bath!

Genuine enthusiasm and a unique experience work even in busy, jaded crowds.


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