Is that the best you got?


Don’t be offended by these:
Why do 90% of small companies have info@ as their main email?  Can they not use something that reveals more of the company culture?
Like… ANYTHING other than ‘info’ would work.

And why do 95+% of Twitter auto responders say ‘Thanks for the follow’?  Is that the most effective thing to say to new followers?

There’s so much untapped potential for companies getting creative in enhancing the experience.  The brand experience is made up in the detail.
thanks for the follow


2 Responses to “Is that the best you got?”

  1. Elly Says:

    11-22-2009 Concuerdo con pervert. Pero los quiero mucho!!! Por favor VuElvAn mE vOlvi EmO y eN pEoRes OcaSionEs me da por regetonear, mucho flow, flow, y seguimo astajao, rakata rakata, el gato volador, ñaum!!Ven, desvarí­o, matenme… o vuelvan a postear periodicamente por la grandí­sima pucta, la template no me importa, lo que importa es el condumio, los posts en mi feed. Ãâl¡À‚¡Vuešvan!!

  2. gebrauchtwagen finanzierung Says:

    It's been so hot here!! Hit 30 degrees here and I was of course working in a big hot kitchen! Oh well, living my weekend vicariously through yours and I love it x

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