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7 Reasons VIA Will Skyrocket

September 30, 2009

Starbucks launched instant coffee this week. Watch funny video.
This will be a massive hit for obvious reasons:

1. VIA.  Name brand that compliments product
2. Warm, stand-out colors and diverse images on marketing collateral
3. Concise, simple wording around product benefits
4. Overwhelming amount of in-store decals and cardboard cut-outs
5. Free samples!
6. Ridiculously huge media coverage in 2 days (whoah)
7. Already all over Google Images (this is huge and rare and usually takes time. A lot of companies don’t think it matters.)

Two thumps up for Starbucks on this blitz campaign.



Limit Your Marketing Info!

September 28, 2009

Mini Only
I keep seeing cars used for marketing that have WAY too much info on them.  Fax numbers, area code brackets, and saying ‘website’ are so 1997 and you need to stop it.

Use ONE phone number (pick an office or cell phone – NOT both!) and use a corporate email ( should roll over to

Make people stop in their tracks to admire how powerful your vehicle marketing is, not to jot down how many points of contact you have.

BTW I designed the above car wrap. It’s what I’m most proud of from all my JUNK days!

Strong Brands Don’t Strengthen Weak Siblings

September 24, 2009

Flickr users are mad that parent company Yahoo added their not-at-all-cool logo to the almighty Flickr logo.

Flickr has a cult following and worldwide respect.  Yahoo has a mass exodus of users and staff fleeing for better Bay Area options.

Yahoo would be better as the silent big brother in the background.

via TechCrunch

Smak Rules

September 23, 2009

Al's Mini
This week, my friends at Smak did this crowd stopping street campaign for Mt. Seymour.  A lot of people had to check if it was actual snow!

If you want your company to be known for the coolest attention getting marketing stunts, work with Smak.

photo: Sylvie Gohl

Smak Logo

Don’t Deny DJ Dancefloor

September 23, 2009

DJ Dancefloor
My cousin Kyle is the hottest disco house DJ to come out of Montreal in centuries.  Listen to EVERY track as your den/computer area/flex room becomes a bona fide dance floor.  CBC link here.

Tourist Trap Idea

September 23, 2009

This is Punta Arenas in southern Chile.

Imagine if a smaller BC town that is struggling from the dwindling logging industry (all of them) gave every homeowner in town a HUGE tax break if they put a bright colored roof on their house…

Tourists would climb the nearest hill to take pictures of the town’s bright roof mosaic.   People’s photos would spread virally, and others would travel from nigh and far to see the ‘bright roofed town’.

You don’t need to be a Whistler, Tofino or a Niagara Falls to capitalize from tourism.  Simple, collective changes can transform small towns from despondent to prosperous.

Reference Strong Numbers

September 22, 2009

Chrysler will no longer make owner’s manuals for every car, and all manuals will now be online.

This is a cost savings strategy but they’ve spun it to say that they’re saving 930 tons of paper which equates to 20,000 trees per year.  Wow!

I bet people consider buying a Chrysler from that statistic alone.  More companies need to tie in what they’re doing to a macro number.  It doesn’t have to be green.  It could be based on productivity, charity driven, etc… How is what you’re doing affecting the big picture?

20,000 trees divided by 170 trees per acre (low estimate) = 117 acres saved.  That is not as impressive as saying 20,000 trees, but still significant for ONE company’s owner’s manuals each  year.

via Autoblog

Change One Thing

September 21, 2009

Ty bike 3
I got red tires on my bike.  Now everyone says ‘nice bike!’
My bike didn’t change, and most people don’t even comment on the tires.

ONE bold change to your website/logo/store/proposal can make everything else you’re doing stand out (aka POP!)

Company Slogans Expire

September 20, 2009

This water company has a type of slogan that was popular in the 90s (quotes, ‘your’, date), but today I think it has little impact.
Water slogan

However this Playstation slogan speaks to their target demographics (listen to teens talking for 20 minutes) RIGHT NOW in a fun way.
PS3 sweet
All strong companies update their slogan(s) when needed to keep up with our ever-changing language trends.

Tagging is the New Invite

September 18, 2009

Man Hussy
Renowned Man Hussy Daniel Code tagged a ton of his Facebook friends in this poster for his comedy night in 2 weeks.

I delete A LOT of event invitations without even reading them.  But I looked at this one to see where I was tagged, and ended up reading the poster!  A solid move that I’ve never seen.

This will be a funny night.  Check it.