The Path to Cherished Content


I literally laugh out loud at FAIL Blog everyday.  In just over a year this blog has become one of the top 1500 sites on the web.

This video shows the head cheez at FAIL Blog talking about the team of people that go through thousands of submissions each day.  Of those they upload FOUR posts a day.  FOUR!!

Why not 16?  Or even eight?  The idea of selecting the best of the best puts emphasis and value on every single post.  Maybe eight would suffice, but the value, rarity, and most importantly viral factor would drop.  I bet if they posted eight pics a day, FAIL Blog would not be in the top 1500 sites.

Company branding and messaging is no different.  Spending hours and hours scrutinizing over the absolute best options for color, wording, images, etc.. separates the best from the meh.

My favorite FAIL:  Venus Flytrap Fail.


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