Stop Tolerating Boring Parties


Southern Californian Gregory Keyes and his wife are hosting a TABOO PARTY.  The only thing party guests are allowed to talk about is SEX, POLITICS and RELIGION.

Imagine how people would mentally prepare for a party where they couldn’t chit chat about their lame TV habits or favorite sports team.  It would empower guests to be creative.

We need to demand higher standards, even for our social lives.
What theme would you enforce?

Photo: Swiftian Story source: Cameron


2 Responses to “Stop Tolerating Boring Parties”

  1. Gregory Says:

    We’re on our third year of the Taboo Dinner Club.
    4-6 couples gather.
    We are intentionally diverse: democrats, republicans, libertarians; christians, jews, atheists; morally conservative, liberal, moderate.
    Food is a themed pot-luck: mexican, italian, etc.
    The host picks the topic within the three taboo topics: sex, politics, religion.

    Every dinner has been respectful and informative. We have learned about the topic and MUCH more about each other and ourselves.


  2. Kim Says:

    i’m in the taboo dinner club and it rocks… will definitely take a riveting course through out the night as long as minds our open and discussion is free flowing!!

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