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The 2010 Bandwagon Loophole

October 28, 2009

Relentless VANOC brand cops make sure companies big and small don’t use anything for promotional use with the word ‘Olympic’, the Olympic rings, or the creepy mascots.

This record breaking 160′ x 100′ Canadian flag shows everyone that The Residences at Georgia still has Olympic fever, but has cashed in on free public domain patriotism.

Yay to being full on in the spirit without paying for it.


Apple Asked For It

October 28, 2009

You can’t just happily bash away and not expect a drove of new people challenging you with your same tactics.  It reminds me of high school in Maple Ridge – the more rockers we fought, the more other tougher rockers wanted to fight us.

I kinda hope Droid crushes em, just because.


via CNET

BoingBoing Got Stronger

October 28, 2009

Random blog behemoth BoingBoing redesigned their layout and made an undaunted, valiant move with their new slogan.  They went from the tepid yet classic ‘A Directory Of Wonderful Things’ to ‘Media Culture Brainwash For Now People’.

The new slogan draws you in, makes you want to be apart of it in a proud, self-deprecating way.  BoingBoingers are mindful of their cult-like tendencies and this new descriptor sums them up sharply.

Brands that embolden their base with a strong identity only increase loyalty.

I hope this company makes it

October 28, 2009

HashCeratopsFor the name and logo alone, let’s hope HashCeratops rocks on for years to come.  This Twitter hashtag service for restaurants and clubs will likely get scooped up as Twit giants grow.  But that name… oh ya.

Names are strong when they’re phonetically sweet.  HashCeratops is just fun to say.

via TechCrunch

Brag About Everything!

October 27, 2009

tumblrThis brag list is for Tumblr – a website that lets you microblog, create social network themes, customize stuff, etc…

Until I read the above brag list I didn’t get Tumblr (this didn’t help either).  But since tens of thousands of people obviously get it, I don’t need to. I just need to jump in and figure it out.  Apparently I’m missing out!

If you are promoting your company or flogging yourself in a resume, keep your humility out of it.  Be unashamed and outlandish about your accomplishments.  Let people know what they’re missing by not hiring you.

Thanks to my buddy Minna for Tweetin this!

Descriptive Text Videos

October 22, 2009

There is a huge trend to share a message with just words and music in a YouTube.  This one is a bit goose-bumpy.

I don’t think this could be made more clear.  You could have Oprah, Mother Theresa, Obama, Bono and Dakota Fanning speaking this out and it wouldn’t be as effective.  And it’s cheap to do!

Thanks to my buddy/rad photographer Tracy for posting this on FB.

The Beaten Dead Horse

October 22, 2009

Everyone loved Apple’s Mac vs PC ads for a couple years, but they’ve run their course.  Time to pack it in John and Justin.  Even Mac-aholics want Apple to show em something else.

All good ad campaigns have a life cycle.  Know when to kill yours.

Slogans With Authority

October 19, 2009

GT cut
Video game Gran Turismo‘s tag line is ‘The Real Driving Simulator’.   Such a strong statement makes even a non-gamer curious.

Slogans are just as important as your name, logo and colors.

Gran Turismo has two of the most stunning video trailers for their game here and the newest one here.  Absolutely spectacular – better than the real thing?
gt logo

Legal Threats Can Be Good

October 18, 2009

adobe_flash_logoAussie start up Envato had a product called FlashDen, but deep pocket firm Adobe owns the trademark to the word Flash, so Envato had to quickly change the name.  They chose ActiveDen.

I hope The Washtington Post and TechCrunch got wind of this because Envato’s PR person proactively shared the news.  Being on the Post and TC could prompt the biggest traffic spike that the young Aussie firm ever has.

Consider sharing your dirty laundry or legal news if it helps get your brand good exposure.

Underwater Message Stunt

October 17, 2009

Maldives mtg
The President of the small tropical country The Maldives and 13 of his Government officials had an  underwater meeting to make a strong statement that rising sea levels threaten the very existence of their island state, which has an average elevation of 1.5 meters above sea level.

This WSJ video shows several reporters witnessing the event, which received a lot of coverage.  The visual of a government body underwater was needed to draw media outlets from around the world.

Find a way to make your message interesting to the end reader before sharing your message.

maldives beach