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Gimmicks Work

November 30, 2009

Two guys in Nantes, France now rent a hotel room that is set up like a hamster’s pad: hamster food, running wheel, sawdust bed.

You know you’d stay there.

Why don’t more hotels take goofy risks like this? This is SO cheap to do and would draw attention to the hotel, which would cause normal people to book normal rooms.

Only problem: I can’t find this hotel’s website.
Lots of media coverage and bad SEO is an unfortunate combo.

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Loss Leaders

November 27, 2009

Mercedes loses money on every $15,000 Smart Car they build, and the new $375,000 LFA super car will be a money pit for Lexus.

Both examples break away from each company’s traditional mold, which causes:
– increased media coverage
– a viral factor and industry controversy
– entirely new segments of the population that hadn’t considered the brand (in this case, opposite ends of the income spectrum)

All of this leads to a BROADER REACH for each brand. More people coming in the door to check out the Smart Car drive away in a Mercedes C-Class, and people that considered Lexus too bland become impressed by its crazy exotic and buy an LS sedan.

This works in any company.  Use fringe products as marketing tools to broaden your reach and sell more bread & butter.

Droid Does Times Square

November 25, 2009

For 20 hours on the biggest shopping day of the year, Google, Verizon, Reuters and R/GA will reveal the most interactive marketing stunt ever at Times Square.

If you’re there, call 888-376-4336, do a voice search on Google, and watch your results come up on the massive building-sized screens.

High impact, viral, interactive, timely and story-worthy.  Whatever millions they’re paying, it’s totally worth it.

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The Google Slide

November 23, 2009

This huge slide exists at Google’s staff-sourced office in Zurich.

Imagine if your office had a slide in it, and you mandated that EVERYONE working there had to use it 3 times a week, and all visitors had to use it once.

Think what would happen to company morale, energy and creativity by JUST adding a slide.  It would turn those bland cubicle dwellers into little kids, and big new ideas would spring out of nowhere.

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Big Logos Are Coming

November 16, 2009

The logo for Time’s new stretches across the page, which creates an entirely different experience upon entering the blog.

Look for others to follow suit with this big look.

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I Love ‘I Love Local Commercials’

November 5, 2009

The ad for this mobile home dealer is so awesomely funny.  If you can’t afford to make an ad, hire these guys for free.  You need to be willing to submit your ego big time.

MicroBilt, the company sponsoring this is genius. Companies that take risks to milk the online viral factor are the future.

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Simple Wins

November 2, 2009

Drive poster
ONE poster jumped out at me on Commercial Drive today.  It was the one that
1. Asked a question
2. Had the least amount of info on it

Why are you posting an ad?  Is it so people can make a decision on the spot or so you can drive them to a website?   Because those are two entirely different strategies.  Pick one, then make it the most simple on the block.

Customer Stories

November 1, 2009

3 stories I’ve generated recently for customers.
g&m logo
FrogBox in The Globe and Mail

FitCeleb logo
Studeo 55 on Fit Celeb

Maverick Business Adventures
on an LA Times blog

Ya!  Lots goin on…