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Slithering Bus Ad

December 29, 2009

This anaconda concoction for The Copenhagen Zoo is the work of  ad house Bates Y&R.

The two biggest fears of humans are darkness and snakes – I hope ridership doesn’t go down!  Either way, this ad is popping up all over blogistan today.

Are your ads designed to just get awareness, or awareness AND media coverage?

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Good Ops Is The Best Marketing

December 28, 2009

Paul, one of my wisest business mentors and owner of the largest junk removal franchise in the universe, always taught me that operations done properly will always be my best marketing tactic.  Companies that please customers can spend less on advertising.

I was reminded of this today while on the phone with Dell for over an hour. Three wrong re-routed calls and lots of hold time is why they are no longer king of the PC heap.

Customer service should ALWAYS be considered a marketing strategy.

Phoenetically Sweet

December 23, 2009

I am such a sucker for names that are cool to say, and Astro Satchel is hittin it.  Their satchels are fun and fantastic, but some will shop here JUST so they can tell people they got their bag at Astro Satchel.
For real!

I hope this company makes a trillion dollars.

Game Changing Line

December 20, 2009

When I started my company in 2004 I wondered how I would ever convince people that I was qualified to become the PR consultant/arm for their company.

Then I read this line: “The best way to become a professional is to start calling yourself one.”

It totally changed my perspective.  My confidence immediately shot way up, and I started playing the role and charging what I was worth.  It felt like I skipped years in the trenches by simply changing the ‘rookie to professional’ time line.

Other people don’t deem you qualified – only you determine that.

Empire Building Requires Intensity

December 20, 2009

Titanic director James Cameron was a truck driver in 1977 when he walked out of the original Star Wars and ‘wanted to punch something’.  A dream was born that day of outdoing George Lucas.

Yesterday Avatar hit the theaters to huge success.  TechCrunch calls it ‘the iPhone of movies’, and some predict it’s the next mass cult following, with its vivid 3D animation, an entire language created, ridiculous attention to detail, and an emotionally bending plot.

The Wired article that describes what James Cameron went through in the 32 years between Star Wars and now keeps referring to him as ‘intense’.

Everyone that I know personally that is conquering massive mountains in business, ministry or sports, has a fervor and intensity to them that is rare.

Passion makes people money, but true intensity changes nations and entire industries.

Stats Raise Awareness

December 19, 2009

Online security giant Symantec released stats this week that children under seven, tweens and teens all have ‘sex’ or ‘porn’ in their top 10 web searches.

Symantec is getting a ton of coverage with this right now. Revealing statistics that appeal to the masses is something even small brands can leverage.

If you let your children surf the internet unsupervised, this is me punching you in the head. Please cherish the next generation.

via Mashable

Don’t Make Me Think?

December 19, 2009

This  has been out for a while, but I still think it’s genius that JVC  (and Casio and others) struck a deal to brand some of their digital cameras as ‘YouTube Ready’.  Cool, except ALL digital cameras are YouTube Ready.

The only real difference is this camera shoots clips that are max 10 minutes long – the time limit for YouTube videos.

So is this sincere or deceitful?  Some think it’s bogus but I’m going with the former.

95% of camera buyers likely won’t know the technology behind ‘YouTube Readiness’, but those same people just want to upload their content without thinking.  Effective marketing helps people make simple decisions easier.

And strategic alliances and cross promotions are POWERFUL yet underused. More brands should pursue them.

SAAB Can Still Be SAVED!

December 18, 2009

Today the master culture killers, GM said they’re murdering yet another brand because of their stubborn unions, short term thinking and a 1970s Detroit mindset (how do I really feel??)  Here’s what potential buyers overlook: SAAB has the brand power and culture to live on!

Imagine if someone approached this brand on the blocks with an entirely different perspective.  Drop the cheesy dealer network, annihilate plagued GM parts, maximize the online experience, and absolutely milk the fervent cult-like brand experience.

Resurrections are REAL:  Mini did it. Apple did it. Countless brands big and small.

Call me naive, but this car culture nut refuses to give up.  Someone please take this Swedish gem back to its quirky and revered roots.

A Name for the Layman

December 17, 2009

Motorolla’s Droid sales are strong, but didn’t take off like Verizon/Google/Motorola hoped it would.  Apparently they blame the name.  Some claim it sounds too robotish.  The phone has been renamed ‘Milestone’ for all launches outside the US.

I like Droid WAY better and am not as excited now to get one, but I can see their point.  High volume products need to appeal to a much broader crowd than just their base.  The cult-like culture and ‘Droidies’ will not be as strong with a moniker like ‘Milestone’, but sometimes it’s more about straight up sales over brands that cater to geeks.

Lululemon’s Controversial PR Win

December 16, 2009

Lululemon‘s new clothing line called ‘Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 & 2011 Edition’ has the VANOC legal dept all hot n bothered.
That was the plan.

The clothing line has different colours for different countries.  Canada’s colour is red and is the only country that gets a gold zipper – all other countries get a silver zipper. The hockey toque comes with a black marker for teeth.

They’ve had over 70 media hits in major outlets since Monday.  Who doesn’t love almost but NOT crossing the line?!

via The Province