Bag Champion


Every grocery chain sells cotton bags but the President’s Choice brand is milking being the ‘authority’ of the perma-bag trend.

Their cause is just and their reasons are noble, but they’re not doing anything different than other bag providers – they’re just making a big rig-sized deal about it.  People WILL shop here because of this campaign.

Without being a bandwagon pansy, leverage something that’s trendy as much as possible.


One Response to “Bag Champion”

  1. Kim Dudra Says:

    I agree; “green” is being milked to death and overused in every which fashion. It’s like the word “extreme” about 15 years ago.

    I don’t shop at SuperStore for their bags however. Half the time, I leave them in the van.

    I should create a shortage of the PC bags and then I can sell them on eBay at inflated prices like Anya Hindmarsh’s I’m Not a Plastic Bag bag. Scarcity = perceived coolness = more scarcity

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