Good Ops Is The Best Marketing


Paul, one of my wisest business mentors and owner of the largest junk removal franchise in the universe, always taught me that operations done properly will always be my best marketing tactic.  Companies that please customers can spend less on advertising.

I was reminded of this today while on the phone with Dell for over an hour. Three wrong re-routed calls and lots of hold time is why they are no longer king of the PC heap.

Customer service should ALWAYS be considered a marketing strategy.


2 Responses to “Good Ops Is The Best Marketing”

  1. MacGirl Says:

    That is why I love APPLE 🙂 they have great phone support & always followup with an email survey so you can rate your experience. They may cost more but it’s more than a computer! It’s the overall experience. Once you go Mac, you don’t go back!

  2. Tyler Says:

    Ya I would never roll Mac. More on that soon… 😀

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