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Blo Knows Prom Promos

January 30, 2010

I was LOLing last night at this funny promo in Blo‘s window.  The blow dry bar’s contest is a chance for grade 12 girls to get all souped up for free on grad night.

Submitted photos will attract the attention of the media, teen and fashion bloggers, and Blo will see their biggest jump ever in pre-prom hair coifs.

Join the Blo Honour Roll Facebook page and watch their blog for the flyest young ladies in the land.  No wonder Blo is on fire, getting hordes of stories and opening more locations. Follow them.


Jammies Ban Gets Buzz

January 29, 2010

UK mega grocery chain Tesco banned people from shopping in pyjamas and house coats.  Great move, but ONLY because it’s controversial.

Business will jump as this new policy to keep the sleepy riff raff out is getting a ton of hits.

Obviously the woman who was turned down, even though she was “just poppin in for a pack of fags” is livid.

K so that’s the exact quote the media eats up for this kind of story.

via BoingBoing

Capture The Flag

January 28, 2010

Mini Yaletown opens their stunning new location at 1039 Hamilton on Monday.  It will really help drive traffic to that block.

The joke in Yaletown right now is how often the dozens of flag stickers, glued to the sidewalk to woo the Olympic crowd, go missing.  Usually they’re ripped off by a drunk dude stumbling home who realizes he needs some random country’s flag.

Well a British flag has been placed in front of the doors at Mini’s new location, and it’s off the path of where they’re supposed to be placed.  Brilliant (British adjective).  It’s the little things.

Promote The Climax

January 28, 2010

This bus stop ad makes all of us want to go to India now. The percentage of people that will see a tiger fight is tiny, but it’s possible!

Anyone can advertise a beach, hot people or a fancy hotel.  Incredible India hits it out of the park with what travelers really seek.

This Ad is Better than Your Better

January 27, 2010

You’ve probably seen this Nike ad. And this one.
Just a reminder that your brand evoking emotion is 100x more important than listing your features and benefits.

Utensil Delight

January 26, 2010

This au-natural packaging is fantastic. The wooden spoon reminds my bum cheeks of being disciplined as a kid.  If you don’t spank your children everyone else will want to (Texas proverb).

via psfk

PR Stunt an Actual Stunt

January 25, 2010

I’m still baffled whether this is real or not.  Either way, Mercedes will have people talking about it for a while.  How cool to have their new flagship icon associated with “You know, that car that went upside down in a tunnel?”

BMW Ad Reaction is Funny

January 22, 2010

I started bursting out laughing when I read that people were calling 911 when they saw this BMW ad.  Based strictly on these reactions, the ad was a bigger success than BMW anticipated.

Who doesn’t want to trigger a severe emotional reaction with their ads?  It should be mandated.

The part that makes me laugh so hard (currently doing) is the dude has a huge teddy bear, and those are absolutely the kind of guys that sit on 50 foot high billboard ledges.

via Autoblog

Random Acts Fuel Creativity

January 19, 2010

My buddy and brilliant tiny sculpture artist Jewely Gee invited me to climb a 100ft cedar tree with her at Cambie and King Ed.  We got about 60-70 feet up – so scary and awesome!!

Just a reminder to try really different things and scare yourself a little bit. It will take your mind to new places and it’s awesome for the soul.  All creative people (aka EVERYONE) should be seeking new adventures weekly.

The Silence of the Slams

January 14, 2010

My buddy Tina and I had a great chat last night with Blenz Coffee tycoon and passionate tweeter George Moen.  He told us that he personally responds to every positive or negative tweet about Blenz.

According to George, most complainers can’t believe it’s really the company President and their opinion of Blenz shifts rather quickly.  After George becomes their tweet buddy, he said a very high majority of people turn neutral or even positive about Blenz, and the hate tweets stop.

This isn’t some cute customer service stunt – this literally affects Blenz’s bottom line.  Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on customer service software trying to win over negative folk, and George does it on a few minutes a day being genuine on Twitter.