Creating New Categories


Good marketers convince the masses that their product is in a category of its own.  Mercedes started a cult-following with the 4 door coupe and now Google has done it with the Nexus One super phone.  It has more power and features than Apple’s wimpy smart phone, which apparently qualifies the Nexus for a category of its own.

Michael Arrington points out that this is nothing more than a marketing move by Google.  He’s right, but since the term is now being used, a very high majority of the public will surrender without question to the Google phone’s new definition.

Standing out in a crowd with sub-categories and creating entirely new niches is something every company of any size should be aiming for.


2 Responses to “Creating New Categories”

  1. Oskar Says:

    I can see the Hyper phone coming soon.

  2. Kim Dudra Says:

    For an excellent overview of The Language of Persuasion, and how companies invent their own language to differentiate themselves (think “tall” instead of “small” at Starbucks), read The Age of Persuasion (Terry O’Reilly and Mike Tennant).

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