Radical Comeback


This is the new GMC Granite concept car/truck thing.  So cool.  I hope for GM’s sake they make it as is.

ONE radical, crazy product/decision can fuel so much excitement and passion into a company.  Out of nowhere new fans, shareholders and customers come running to support the brand and past negative expectations are shattered.

A small handful of cars this bold could reverse decaying Detroit in very short order.

via Autoblog


2 Responses to “Radical Comeback”

  1. Paul Ferrier Says:

    Great point. I also find it interesting how car companies can come out with such cool concept cars, only to let the entire concept be deteriorated by the time it goes into production. Kind of like web marketing strategies and design. 🙂

  2. Tyler Says:

    So true, other than like the Viper and a few other crazies that weren’t watered down. Let’s hope GM sticks to the dreamy-ness of this hot box..

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