The Silence of the Slams


My buddy Tina and I had a great chat last night with Blenz Coffee tycoon and passionate tweeter George Moen.  He told us that he personally responds to every positive or negative tweet about Blenz.

According to George, most complainers can’t believe it’s really the company President and their opinion of Blenz shifts rather quickly.  After George becomes their tweet buddy, he said a very high majority of people turn neutral or even positive about Blenz, and the hate tweets stop.

This isn’t some cute customer service stunt – this literally affects Blenz’s bottom line.  Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on customer service software trying to win over negative folk, and George does it on a few minutes a day being genuine on Twitter.


One Response to “The Silence of the Slams”

  1. Cameron Herold Says:

    It’d be awesome if politicians learned from this and tried interacting with us all instead of just talking at us all and never replying.

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