Capture The Flag


Mini Yaletown opens their stunning new location at 1039 Hamilton on Monday.  It will really help drive traffic to that block.

The joke in Yaletown right now is how often the dozens of flag stickers, glued to the sidewalk to woo the Olympic crowd, go missing.  Usually they’re ripped off by a drunk dude stumbling home who realizes he needs some random country’s flag.

Well a British flag has been placed in front of the doors at Mini’s new location, and it’s off the path of where they’re supposed to be placed.  Brilliant (British adjective).  It’s the little things.


One Response to “Capture The Flag”

  1. Cameron Herold Says:

    Tyler. You’re a brilliant writer. And the way you see the world with your marketing & PR lens I think you could easily share the stage with Seth Godin. Dude. Seriously. Your blog is brilliant.

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