Chat with Your Target Market


Last night at Pereira PR‘s PR meet up we were graced with the honour of having 3 sweet speakers: Jenn from 6S Marketing, Curt from BIV, and Raul from Hummingbird 604.  For 2 hours, the speakers dished out precious info and our PR sponge brains ate it up.  Nom nom nom.

Raul kept bringing it up KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. He has one of the biggest blogs in BC, and gets pitched the most random stupid things all the time because PR people don’t pay attention that his blog wouldn’t suit their audience.  Raul believes PR people would do a much better job producing results for clients if they focused on their clients’ audience vs. just being pitching whores to anyone with a media outlet.  Mmhmm!  Point taken.

And Jenn pointed out the power of relationships, you know, since it’s called SOCIAL media and all, not SPAM media.  This is big time emphasized in Shane and Stephen‘s new book Sociable! which I’m reading and highly recommend. Don’t just promote – converse.

Social media and blogging are still on the upswing big time: master them before the masses and their granny surpass you by sticking to the genuine basics.

top pic: Nicole Hall, Curt Cherewayko, Sara Pereira & Tara Padidar
photo by Peyvand Padidar


One Response to “Chat with Your Target Market”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts on Sociable!.

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