It’s Totally Worth It!


For you naysayers who still think the Olympics are a waste of money, put your marketing cap on for a minute.  Now check EVERY major news website,  search engine home page, prime time TV news show, and any top newspaper in any country.  If you find one that doesn’t mention “Vancouver, Canada” let me know.

It’s not just about the games. This is the biggest PR stunt on planet earth. It literally couldn’t be a better marketing campaign for our city and country. Ever.

Companies can spend a lot of money to get ‘impressions’, and for 2 weeks we will bask in impression heaven.  The price we pay for billions of people to see our city comes at, believe it or not, a very heavy discount.  If Vancouver was ugly and a human rights nightmare it might not be effective.  But our hot city will reap the harvest from this exposure for years to come.

photo: Rudy Sulgan, bing home page 2.12.09

also posted at Metro-Blenz News Squad


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