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Google Goes Nuclear, Junk Saves Kittens

March 31, 2010

Google just announced that they will begin enriching uranium outside of the US to create clean, green energy.  Wow – this is HUGE and so responsible.

On a similar note, watch my good friends at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? save some abandoned kittens. What a noble, selfless act!

What’s the date again?
via TechCrunch and Brian


Let Them Do The Marketing

March 31, 2010

Flight Centre joined the user-generated marketing revolution with the Best Travel Job Ever contest.  Watch my friend Sam and his puppy moment.

If you laughed you should really go back and vote for him.

These contests are relatively cheap to launch/execute, and you DO NOT have to be a big company to have one!!  You just have to honour the contest and cash prizes.

Come up with something iconic and fun that people want to partake in, send it out to your base, and watch your brand reap the exposure harvest.

Small Town Reinvention

March 29, 2010

Craik, Saskatchewan – the halfway point between Regina and Saskatoon, has deemed itself an ‘eco-village’ and is attracting new residents.

The town of 450 people donated 127 acres and built an Eco-centre and a restaurant out of hay bales, solar panels, recycled wood, and a compost toilet (ew?).

I have been fascinated by transforming small towns for a while. It’s often very difficult to do, with old mind sets and scant new residents.  This entire campaign, which has been building since 2001 is a huge success model to draw in new residents that other communities should study.
via This Mag via Granville Mag

No Relation Whatsoever

March 26, 2010

This hilarious commercial that I’ve watched 10 15 times for Dutch Insurer Delta Lloyd has absolutely nothing to do with their brand but SEVEN years later it keeps showing up on different sites.  There’s a break in the commercial because on TV the last part would play after two other ads were shown.

Most Delta Lloyd ads are fun and random like this.

Why does your marketing always have to be tied into your company mission statement?  Why can’t your brand just be responsible for making fun things viral and popular??

That is how culture grows – by going WAY beyond the canned lingo in your corporate handbook.

Ya Right Go Daddy

March 26, 2010

Go Daddy says their decision to stop offering .cn domains in China was not a PR stunt.  Huh, wow.  Weird they announced it ONE DAY after Google and China butt heads in a global headline getting duke out.

I am a Go Daddy loyalist, but this is too easy a story to not take hostage.  The competition is likely heavy for Go Daddy in China and margins are probably smaller.  And they can easily reverse this decision next week when the Google storm settles.

Being the PR cherry pickers they are, it just seems too ripe an opportunity to not just milk the hype.

However I encourage any and every company to jump into a big story trend if you can. It works wonders when pulled off right! 

Camo Man Cupcakes

March 23, 2010

Ex-Wall Streeter David Arrick read ‘cupcakes’ defined as ‘pink, sweet, cute, and magical’ and a dream was born to change that girly definition.

Butch Bakery makes bro-style cupcakes that include rum, beer and bacon bits (not altogether).  They have macho names and are topped with patterns like camouflage, hounds tooth, and wood grain.

There’s a TWO WEEK wait to order these tasty $4 Manhattan man treats.  I hope he milks this and expands quickly while the trend is hot.
via SpringWise and Daily Candy
pic Butch Bakery

Enlisting Fans To Act

March 23, 2010

Vancouver’s next huge pop star Alexz Johnson recently released the awesome Trip Around The World single and is encouraging people to request the song by calling their local radio station.

Call your station!  They  already have a copy of the song.
Or email The Beat:

Talent alone won’t win over fans.  It takes proactive effort and witty marketing to climb higher.

I know Alexz – she is totally rock solid and down to earth, so let’s help her promote this stunning new pop tune. Watch the video.


Pursuing Hardcore Loyalists

March 22, 2010

The founders of Clif Bar grew the privately held $235 million brand with no outside investment by initially going to endurance events like bike races, marathons and decathlons.

Racers ate the bar while competing, thus putting the bar through the most scrutinizing tests.  This strategy meant Clif Bar would only either win big or fail miserably.

The company literally created a culture and demand by first winning over the devout in certain niches – whom typically lead cult like trends. Way cheaper and more fun than the traditional sales route!

via Wall Street Journal
pic Nike/Clif Bar event

True Social Enterprise

March 19, 2010

Mumbai-based Mirakle Couriers hires only deaf people to be couriers.

Nearly 6% of India is deaf, and disabilities are still very socially taboo.  This for profit social brand could spark an entire movement of companies empowering those with disabilities, instead of, often, keeping them oppressed with overwhelming charitable givings.
via SpringWise

Avoid Lame Formalities

March 16, 2010

If you’re a Jennifer but everyone calls you Jenn, or if you’re a Michael but the only person that calls you that is your Grandma in England, DON’T PUT IT  on your resume.   Jenn and Mike are better.

This is the West Coast bro.  Be yourself and stop acting so Toronto.

Reminder: Jimmy (not James) Pattison is the 4th wealthiest Canadian.