Topeka Should Stick With It


To attract the attention of Google’s campaign to help a handful of small cities go broadband crazy, Topeka, Kansas temporarily changed their name to Google, Kansas.

I wish the CNN-altered sign above was real. They should take this seriously. Topeka should do something shocking to mix things up and, like the article says, attract more young people to their sleepy ol’ city.

This is where tradition gets in the way.  Who cares what your city is called!  Focus on growth and make broad changes to fuel excitement.

Pic: CNN


2 Responses to “Topeka Should Stick With It”

  1. Matt Fidler Says:

    Man they go nuts for custard in Topeka. There are custard shops on every corner.

  2. Tyler Says:

    Then Custard, Kansas it is. Let’s turn them into titans.

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