Tropicana Almost Nails It


Tropicana created a fake sun for an ad in a Canadian Arctic town in NWT, where the locals are on day 31 without sunlight.

This stunt, which no doubt made everyone in town run out to see it (What else would they do?  YOU try ignoring a huge ass fake sun.) gave me tinglies until the very end, when Tropicana tied the stunt to one of their orange-juice-for-breakfast slogans: “We believe brighter mornings make for brighter days.”

Warm fuzzies are cut short when a company tries too hard to tie their brand into a great story.  They could have done it for a bigger human cause and left the slogan out – people would still get it and appreciate it more.

When Burger King did the Whopper Virgins campaign, at least we all knew they were making fun of North America – still LOLing at that one.

via @SamMacmillan


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