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Contradict The Masses

April 25, 2010

Two weeks ago I deleted my Facebook account and 10 days ago I deleted my Twitter account.  I love all of my friends, but escaping the social engine that has come to govern much of our lives is severely underrated.

Most people wouldn’t do it, nor do they need to.  But if you are lacking fresh creativity, need a revived focus and want to dream bigger in order to take your dynasty to stratospheric levels, I highly highly recommend escaping the noise, if even for a short time.

Your Facebook can be reactivated at any time, your Twitter password can be changed by a friend (I KILLED my account), and the people that truly matter in your life will show up one way or another anyways.

The trouble with social media is it’s overridden by mediocrity that pounds on our subconscious all day.  Eliminate that and watch what happens to the way you think.


Severe Counterfeit Lashing

April 24, 2010

The Montréal Canadiens has strong words against buying jerseys that are not NHL certified.  Instead of showing people how the league is losing big money on fake shirts, they’re playing the compassionate card.

Using harsh language to set the record straight and pull guilt strings is without question a powerful marketing strategy.

And since you asked I HATE stolen or counterfeit anything, especially music and design.

Human Interest Hook

April 22, 2010

Fast growing online file storage service Mozy created this image of world records on how much the human body can store.

Reporters and bloggers are more interested in covering you for random stuff like this instead of how valuable and revered your company is.

via PSFK

Defining What Cool Is

April 21, 2010

According to this spectacular post on The Cool Hunter, coolhunting is a fascinating, ever-changing process that no-one can control.

Read more on how they define cool:
Cool is subjective. It is an opinion. But that does not mean that people are not interested in or influenced by others’ views of what cool is.

Cool is more about what the norm is NOT. Cool is elusive, indefinable, covetable. It is original, desirable, and not accessible to everybody.

Cool is visual and instant. When you see it, you like it instantly. If it takes a lot of work to figure out, it is not cool.  It must have an instantly obvious x-factor. Detecting it is always intuitive. There’s no formula, no rules, no parameters.

Cool is the idea you wish you thought of first.

Today’s consumers are sick of mass marketing and the sameness of brands, so to become and remain cool, a brand must keep innovating constantly.

You cannot make something cool by promo. And, if by the sheer brilliance of a cool promotion, you do succeed in creating a publicity or even sales boost for a brand, that does not make the brand cool.

Coolness needs to be earned again and again.

Nearly Matching Twins

April 21, 2010

This idea for making clothes for twins has probably been around forever, but someone finally took it to market.

It reminds me of the mismatched socks you can buy in packs of three!
via SpringWise

Branded Right Away

April 20, 2010

New York DJ Rana Sobhany is the first person to show how easy it is to DJ on two iPads.  She is inspiring others to try making music with the same simple set up, and in less than two weeks of doing this has been featured on Apple’s blog,, Gizmodo and other biggies.

Part of the reason for the big exposure out of the gate is the name:  Destroy The Silence.  If it was just some chick on YouTube it wouldn’t be as big, but such a powerful, infectious name could easily become a movement.

Even if small, new stuff you’re working on is branded upon inception it has a way better chance of taking on a whole life of its own.

Watch Rana’s video on Gizmodo, then go buy two iPads!

pic Rhana’s Twitter

Definitely NOT a Stunt

April 19, 2010

Someone accidentally left an unreleased iPhone 4G in a Silicon Valley bar, and the person who found the phone apparently sold it to Gizmodo for $10,000.  This is today’s blog frenzy…

The biggest mistake reported on this story is people saying that Apple did this on purpose.  Nope.  No they didn’t.

Apple gets hundreds of media hits every week with their current phone and speculation on their next phone.  They don’t need to release a dummy-phone into the wild to drum up more coverage.  Releasing this prototype early also risks letting it fall into the hands of close neighbors Google or Palm.

Steve Jobs doesn’t roll like that.  Ever.  And fake news stories are just as easy to spot as real ones.

Update:  Gizmodo’s post here confirms this.
pic Gizmodo
via Wired

Oil-Lathered Encouragement

April 18, 2010

Yellow Pages‘ new ad shows an oil-soaked muscle head in huggers walking through town using his Yellow Pages mobile app to find more body oil.

After the ad plays it lets you replace Randy’s face with YOUR face, to then play it again. Try it. (Who wouldn’t do this?)
Now I don’t need to go to the gym today.

User-generated ads that lavishly compliment the user??
Welcome, future.

Give Them Another Reason

April 17, 2010

Canada’s most iconic hockey commentator Don Cherry wears a different crazy jacket every time he pipes up for his Coaches Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada.

Real hockey guys watch him for the straight shooter game commentary, but how many others tune in just for the outfit?

The jacket has nothing to do with the core product but is a significant part of the pitch and helps make him one of the highest paid TV personalities in the nation.

Appealing to more people can often be a simple, unrelated accessory.
pic Don Cherry Jacket Watch

BK Keeps Bringin It

April 14, 2010

This ad makes me have an even bigger crush on Crispin Porter + Bogusky – the ad firm used by Burger King.  Many companies are scared of this level of awesomeness…