Definitely NOT a Stunt


Someone accidentally left an unreleased iPhone 4G in a Silicon Valley bar, and the person who found the phone apparently sold it to Gizmodo for $10,000.  This is today’s blog frenzy…

The biggest mistake reported on this story is people saying that Apple did this on purpose.  Nope.  No they didn’t.

Apple gets hundreds of media hits every week with their current phone and speculation on their next phone.  They don’t need to release a dummy-phone into the wild to drum up more coverage.  Releasing this prototype early also risks letting it fall into the hands of close neighbors Google or Palm.

Steve Jobs doesn’t roll like that.  Ever.  And fake news stories are just as easy to spot as real ones.

Update:  Gizmodo’s post here confirms this.
pic Gizmodo
via Wired


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